Choosing a domain name (if you don’t already have one) may seem simple, but it has far-reaching implications you should know about.

Domain names are more than just a take on your business name. They have ramifications for how easily your website will be found or remembered – both by search engines and by human beings.

To create an effective domain name, search engine expert Rand Fishkin recommends that it be clickable, searchable, and, ideally, contains broad keywords. A domain name that’s difficult to say out loud, spell, or that has no connection to your business isn’t likely to bring many visitors to your site. Your domain name should sound like a brand, not just another URL.

And yes, having a .com is still your best bet. If you have to go with another extension, Rand recommends .net or .co, or a specific country extension based on your location.

Check out Rand’s full Whiteboard Friday on the topic of domain names, here.

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