Choosing a company to host your website, one of your biggest marketing assets, can be confusing.

You might look to the local company you feel good giving your business to, or the giant who has flashy advertisements during the big football game. We recommend that you dig deeper into their services and support before making a decision. A small Internet Service Provider (ISP) might give you great customer service…when they are available. But do they offer 24x7x365 support? Unfortunately, sometimes websites have problems and it seems that if something does go wrong, it does so on a weekend or holiday.

The giant server farm might offer 24x7x365 support. But are they “nickle and diming” you on usage, storage and other “add ons”?

Many web hosts offer very similar plans at similar prices. Make sure you do a careful evaluation of your needs before selecting a host. Look past the marketing and name brands and choose what works for you. Read our blog post for more specific information to consider when choosing a host.


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