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How do you let your network know when you make a move?

Janna Hartley joined Savoir Faire at the end of 2012. We wanted to let her network know where she was – beyond simply changing her contact information on all her social profiles – introduce them to Savoir Faire and educate them about what we do. When we put the list of contacts together, we realized that it contained people from many different eras of her professional life.

After noodling over how to communicate with people who knew Janna from different time periods, we came up with the idea of a timeline. We created a landing page with that timeline and sent an email with the link. We asked people to find the era of the timeline when they knew Janna, and they could see what she’s been up to before and since. The timeline is interactive, visual and packed with Savoir Faire personality. Below the timeline, we introduced Savoir Faire to Janna’s contacts, gave them targeted links into our website and offered them a free communications audit.

We’ve received some great feedback from the campaign and have made a few connections from it.

Check out the landing page here.

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