In the past, users were more willing to make a purchase based on less information or on the information a salesperson shared. Today, buyers are in control.

Buyers have a plethora of information at their fingertips and prefer to get to know – and trust – a company before making a  purchase decision. In fact, according to Entrepreneur, as much as 90% of your first-time website visitors aren’t ready to buy. If your sales team is trying to sell too early, their job becomes that much harder and can even leave a negative impression with the buyer or prospect.

Content marketing bridges the gap and helps prospects get to know you through useful content that aids them in the problem-identification and solution-research phases of their buying journey. And by doing so helps you  build trust.

For more on this and two other ways content marketing helps improve the quality of your leads, read “Three Ways Content Marketing Boosts The Value Of Your Leads.”

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