Branding Guidelines

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Creating a branding guidelines document can be helpful for guiding your marketing materials and keeping everything visually complementary 

A good marketing services firm will spend a good deal of time thinking about how the variety of items they develop for you work together to create a holistic image of your company. We like to say that your suite of marketing materials should all look and sound like they’re singing in the same chorus – they don’t all hit the same exact note, but they should all “go” together.

One handy tool for keeping all your materials in tune is a branding guidelines document. This document will outline the colors, fonts and standard graphical images (like a logo) that may be used and how they are used. If there are materials that are developed regularly (like print ads or posters), the `guidelines for those items can be outlined to make sure that, no matter who develops them, they conform to the standards and uphold the brand integrity. 

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