Brand Names

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A rose by any other name would…cause great confusion.

Sometimes, companies utilize their name in the identification of all products and brands within a company’s product line. In the case of Procter & Gamble, they may use an existing and recognized brand name for a new product or new brand. Sometimes however, the existing name doesn’t necessarily accurately describe or represent the new product.

In this article from AdAge, Al Ries uses a new P&G brand as an example: Tide Dry Cleaners. He mentions that Tide is the leading detergent company and that, in the minds of the consumers, it is not a dry cleaner. This confusion leads to a communication problem: convincing consumers Tide is also a dry cleaner and that it is better than using a dry cleaning service.

Existing brand names don’t always work for new products, especially when the new product has different characteristics or is a different type of business that isn’t that closely aligned with current or past products.

Choosing a brand name that fits the product is important to its success.

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