Brand loyalty: dead? Or just different?

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Traditional Marketing | 0 comments

What makes customers loyal to a brand? Unfortunately, it’s become much harder to answer that question.

It takes more than just a remarkable service and/or high quality product to evoke loyalty from modern-day consumers, but maybe that’s okay.

The death of brand loyalty as we once knew it shouldn’t necessarily be considered a bad thing. The idea of sticking with a brand because we like their logo and received a good product or service in the past is actually not in our best interest. Why shouldn’t we explore other options, ones that not only meet, but exceed our expectations?

This may actually make it easier for newer and smaller businesses to gain traction in the marketplace, by working harder than the more-established competition to serve their customers.

So instead of mourning the death of brand loyalty, we should embrace it, as it encourages brands to listen to their customers, improve the quality of products and services they provide, and discourages blind loyalty. View an infographic on brand loyalty, here.

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