Brand architecture

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When starting a business or beginning to think about a brand, many businesses become focused on the logo rather than the brand as a whole and how future growth can affect the brand.

It may seem premature to think about future products or subsidiaries or sub-brands at first. But it’s actually beneficial to imagine where the company is going when developing the brand and establishing the brand as it relates to the company’s structure.

There are three types of brand architectures.

Master Brand or Branded House. In this structure, the brand and all sub brands operate under the one brand.

Endorsed Brand. Each sub-brand retains its own positioning but operates under the main brand and may appear endorsed by the main brand. Marketing Interactive, in their article about brand architecture, gives DoubleTree by Hilton as an example of an endorsed brand.

Hybrid. The hybrid includes companies like Coca Cola or Hersheys where a number of sub-brands are marketed and positioned separately from the brand.

Learn why it is important to think about brand architecture early and why it matters in “3 types of brand architecture and why you should not ignore them.”

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