Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Everyone makes mistakes. If you’re like us, you learn from mistakes, so you can improve and grow your business. Here are some common blogging mistakes to avoid and/or learn from.

Not getting specific enough. Broad topics are harder to relate to, and readers lose focus faster. Dig a little deeper and narrow your topic so you can reach an audience that’s invested in the topic. A little brainstorming goes a long way.

Not blogging consistently. The problem with irregular blogging is that your audience doesn’t know when to expect your next blog, so they often give up on you, and move on to a more predictable publisher. Plus, Google doesn’t see you as a credible source of information, which leads to a whole other set of issues.

Not telling your readers what you want them to do. How the heck are they supposed to know that you want them to buy something, download something, or subscribe to something? Lead them in the right direction with clear calls to action.

Read the full article on avoiding common blogging mistakes, here. 

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