Blogging for SEO

by | May 25, 2017 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Where do people go when they have a problem they need a solution for? Or a question they need an answer for? More and more, they turn to Google. This is a huge opportunity for you to be found when your customers or prospects are in need.

Like all good opportunities, this one comes with some responsibility on your part. First, identify what questions people are asking and what problem your product or service solves. Then, start to write blog posts around that theme. Come at it from different angles. Each post doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. If your customers and prospects ask similar or related questions, you can write posts for each of those questions, even if the answer is similar.

Read our blog post to learn about the key elements of a strategic blog post, and how to start taking advantage of the opportunities Google affords.

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