We’ve all been given advice at some time in our lives about relationships, careers, education, fashion and more. Sometimes, that advice is good and pretty tried and true (like “don’t spit in the wind” or “don’t eat yellow snow”). Other times, that advice would be best left unshared (you’d look great with bangs).

In this article from Ann Gynn, Content Marketing Institute shares “the worst” content marketing advice according to 38 experts who presented at Content Marketing World 2019.

We agree, some of it certainly falls in the “bad advice” category, like simply “going for clicks” rather than greater content goals such as conversions. “Stuffing” keywords on  a page or in a post isn’t good practice, either.

However, there was one item in this list that we think warrants a little more exploration.

According to Katie Maretll, the advice “act like a reporter” or “think like a journalist” is some of the worst content marketing advice she has received. We agree with her point that journalism is often objective while marketing typically is used to incite change or influence behavior rather than to simply report.

However, journalism has evolved beyond simple fact reporting. While a journalist may not overtly pick a side, good storytelling can influence thinking and behavior.

Additionally, there are concepts from journalism that a marketer can use to develop content ideas and tell great stories.

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