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A lot can go wrong with a website, causing it to “go down” at the most inopportune time. And getting it “back” can be time consuming and costly if you don’t have a backup procedure or solution in place.

Updates that don’t go as planned, malware or viruses, website hackers or simply user error can result in all kinds of issues including missing pages, erroneous content, blacklisting, or other more ominous issues.

Without a backup, you or your web developer could spend hours trying to restore your site to working condition whether you need to find and remove malicious code or simply uncover incompatible website plugins or extensions.

Having automated backups of your website files, and database if utilized, can safeguard you against these sorts of events.

Some web hosts provide backups as part of their service. However, they don’t always store those backups for extended periods of time. You can manually download a local copy of your site, but on larger sites this can take time and inadvertently be forgotten.

For content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla, there are plugins that can create and download backups automatically, storing them on your server or in Dropbox or other cloud service.

Whatever method you use, having reliable and frequent backups can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars restoring or rebuilding when something goes wrong.

If you think your website might need a backup plan put in place or is due for an update, contact us!

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