B2B Blog Post Templates that Work

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Not sure what format to use for your next blog? Try one of these B2B blog post templates, recommended by Jeff Bullas.

According to JB, the three top B2B blog post templates are:

  1. The opinion post: This one is full of stats, insight, tips and tricks from professionals. According to Bullas, “The results for opinion pieces speak for themselves: 13.6% times more traffic with a 1.1% conversion rate.”
  2. The listicle: They’re short and to the point. They’re scannable. They’re typically easy to follow, and they’re relatively easy to write.
  3. The checklist: This format goes beyond a simple list, and creates practical tool that can be referred to on a regular basis as a guide.

Our attention spans stink, and these templates are most likely to grab (and hold) the attention of B2B customers. If you need a dependable template to work from, one of these three should do the trick.

Read more about each template, here.

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