Automation can increase email efficiencies and allow you to focus on other marketing tasks. But there is a chance your automation can hurt your reputation or business.

There are a number of reasons your email automation could make a negative impression on recipients.

  1. Personalization using contact data. If your contact has provided their name, using a greeting that includes the person’s first name is a nice touch. But, if they haven’t, then make sure your personalization autofill function has a well-designed fallback. There’s nothing worse than a poorly personalized message. MailChimp allows you to use IF/THEN/ELSE statements to create greetings that can be used if the desired personal data is not available.
  2. Poorly scheduled campaigns. Automated emails sent as part of a workflow with a prescribed set of steps can unfortunately send emails at odd times. Look for an automation tool that will allow you to set parameters to ensure your emails aren’t sent in the middle of the night or weekend if needed. Hubspot allows marketers to select if emails in a sequence should or should not be sent on weekends and between what times emails should be sent.

Other potential email automation issues can occur when segmentation isn’t utilized or when automation fails to account for a user’s behavior and any action that would otherwise make him/her no longer a target of the sequence.

For more on these pitfalls plus two others, read “Fail Forward: When Email Marketing Automation Goes Wrong.”

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