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Are you using the wrong keywords?

by | Last updated Feb 7, 2024 | Published on May 24, 2023 | Content Marketing

You’ve heard the old philosophical chestnut about awareness: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” It’s a lot like something we say at Savoir Faire, “If you have the best digital content but the wrong keywords, will it get seen?”

While we can’t definitively answer the tree question, we can answer the wrong keywords question with a hearty, “Nope.”

Keyword rankings change daily, depending on what questions people ask and what information Google determines are the best answers to those questions. Plus, Google changes its search algorithm – usually without warning – which can instantly change how your site and keywords perform.

Awareness is one of the main things we analyze for our clients regularly – specifically how and where your site shows up in search engine results. 

Avoid using the wrong keywords

There are a plethora of keyword research tools available – some free and some paid . At Savoir Faire, we have our go-to favorites, but test new ones to see if they provide additional, helpful data.

A few of the things we look at when performing keyword analysis is:

  • How many times per month are visitors searching for a specific keyword
  • What sites currently rank in the top 10 for that keyword? (This is a little competitor spying)
  • How difficult would it be to rank for this keyword?
  • What are similar or related keywords and relevant long-tail keywords ?

Your business may want to rank for the keyword “donuts near me,” but if you’re in New England, you have little chance of beating Dunkin’ in rankings. However, you may discover that a long-tail keyword – even with a smaller search volume – may be a better fit for you. Consider: “gourmet donuts near me”

A recent search for that term and Dunkin’ didn’t show at the top of the results page because they aren’t known for gourmet donuts. 

If you haven’t reviewed your keyword library in a while, it may be time for some analysis and action, because you may be using the wrong keywords.

If your keywords are lost, we can help you find them and put them back where they belong – closer to the top of Google’s ranks.

Keyword research and proper implementation is just one way Savoir Faire can help you make your search marketing matter. Contact us today with any keyword questions. There are no wrong keyword questions, after all.

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