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Are $5 Logos Really Worth The Money?

by | Last updated Dec 6, 2021 | Published on May 10, 2016 | Savoir Stuff | 0 comments

Your logo says a lot about your business; before you decide that a $5 logo from Fiverr (or other low-cost, design marketplace) would best fit your budget and branding goals, consider what you actually get for $5.

The Folyo Notebook conducted an experiment to find out if using Fiverr would result in a professional logo design and validate the company as a viable design option.

Folyo created a fictional company and began their search for a designer.

Their review of some of the designers on the site revealed that portfolios appeared to have a couple “high-quality” logos combined with a larger number of lesser quality logos. The ol’ “bait and switch.”

They did a quick Google search of one of the high quality logos only to reveal it didn’t belong to the Fiverr designer and was taken from another designer’s website.

Despite this, Folyo selected a couple designers to hire.

First, they noticed that when ordering a logo, options such as source files added to the cost (as well as paying extra for the designer’s best effort).

Second, that submissions were not necessarily original, with one submission ripping off an icon design from 123rf.com.

Read more about the experiment, the results and why hiring a professional who will consider your brand, your company, your market and who will work through a number of concepts before delivering a suite of logo files usable in a variety of applications such as business cards, website and signage is worth far more than $5.

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