All work and no play?

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Email on your computer and your phone, chat, productivity tools, to-do lists, family, appointments, meetings, shopping, cleaning, commitments, social media, events, classes…and you want to squeeze in some time at the gym?

You wake up early and  you go to bed late and it’s just non-stop in between. You say yes to everything and you try to respond to everyone as quickly as possible. Guess what? It’s time to stop, unplug and walk away from tasks.

At Inbound 2013 Arianna Huffington stressed walking away from tasks that aren’t crucial to your job or your everyday activities and sap your mental energy. If a task doesn’t deserve your time, walk away.

She also reminded us to unplug. Don’t use your phone as an alarm clock or keep it near your bed where you can check it whenever you might awake, even in the middle of the night. Charge your phone in another room. You don’t need to respond to emails at 3 a.m.

Watch Arianna’s keynote

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