Over time, relationships can stagnate, each person offering less of themselves and communication breaking down. It’s not necessarily anyone’s fault; sometimes, it just happens. The same holds true in a company-agency relationship.

Recently, Clorox launched an agency review to consolidate creative duties. That got us thinking about agency reviews. An agency review doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong. In fact, brands and companies should conduct periodic reviews for a number of reasons rather than waiting until irreparable damage has been done. Unfortunately, companies don’t conduct periodic or regular reviews, believing they communicate often enough throughout a working period. Or, there is an assumption that reviews are only conducted when a company feels a need to make a change. However, a review allows companies and agencies to proactively address relationship and communication issues – as well as reestablish or reset strategy and work plans – before they become problematic. Learn more in this AdAge post: Even the Best Client-Agency Relationships Need Evaluations.

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