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We often tell clients, “You know more than you know.” What we mean is, by asking you the right questions, we can extract the information from your brain that you didn’t realize was rattling around in there.

It helps that two members of Savoir Faire’s team are old-school journalists with top-notch interviewing skills. Over the past nine or so months, we’ve chronicled the journey of our contest winner from our “win a year of marketing services” contest.

After several months of little progress, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. By finally asking the right questions and receiving some solid replies, we have now received quite a bit of raw content to play with! Yes, the content development portion of the process drags on – and much longer than we anticipated on both sides. Here’s a little catch up on the last few months.

Unexpected hiccups slowed the process. Because this company focuses on very specific, technical maritime software and operations, and because we were on a limited timeframe to complete all aspects of a year’s worth of marketing services, we were clear from early meetings that we were going to need the bulk of raw content to come from the client. On the client’s side, the go-to team member for content unexpectedly departed.

Then, there was some back and forth on how we present the content. We created very specific content marketing templates, explaining the details and where to copy and paste the writing into specific text boxes.

It took some time for both sides to get on the same page with those templates. But, eventually, we started to receive content updates. A little more back and forth took place to fill in some holes in the content. By the end of June 2019, we finally had a full draft of all the different subjects needed for nearly 20 web pages’ worth of content.

But, work doesn’t cease for other clients, and we owed other clients several deliverables on large projects. That meant that this project was on hold on our end until other regularly-scheduled work was complete.  Now, we’re back on track to get this website live by the end of summer or early fall. Currently, this blog post is the next step. Then, content editing, rewrites and probably some additional writing tasks are on the agenda before we get to development.

One thing to note, through months of working on and off with the contest winner, a clear picture emerges: these folks do some amazing work! They’re not professional marketers, but they are industry leaders in the world of aquatic propulsion. Not sure what that is? You’ll get a clear picture once we get that website live.

Stay tuned!

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