Google Analytics has tons of data that you can cut, slice, splice, merge, combine and dissect. But, what data can help you improve content marketing?

It’s great to know how many people come to your site, and how many pages they view and how long they stay. But, knowing more specific information, such as which pages and posts attract the most visitors or generate the most engagement, can help you create more-relevant content, focus on quality traffic sources or create content designed to drive conversions.

Here are two things to review:

  • Individual blog post performance. Look for posts that drive the most traffic, that have lower average time on page or that have low-traffic but low bounce rate for example.
  • Traffic sources. Look at what sources and mediums send traffic to your site and then at the various key metrics for each. Knowing which sources bring more traffic allows you to focus on those or to improve any that are not performing as well.

For more metrics and how you can adjust your content based on insights gathered, read “Google Analytics Reports That Drive Content Marketing Success” from Marijana Kostelac for State of Digital.

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