Some websites must be developed with accessibility in mind in order to be Section 508 compliant. However, every website should be accessible. It’s the right thing to do…and if that’s not good enough, it’s good for SEO.

Ensuring your website can be accessed by people with disabilities expands your potential audience and can create an inclusive environment for visitors. But many businesses, and even developers, fail to think about accessibility and accessibility features when building a website.

There are many reasons to ensure accessibility; here are five great reasons from the WPMU article, How to Sell Accessibility to Your Clients.

One we’d like to highlight:  it’s good for SEO.

A large part of accessibility involves including “alt” text on images for screen reading devices which can’t “read” images and instead use alt text to describe images.

Google bots, like screen reading devices, also read the alt text. Thus, including alt tags – and keywords within them – makes the site easier for Google to crawl and index.

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