Abandoned carts

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A series of abandoned cart emails can greatly improve your e-commerce conversions.

The majority of online shoppers leave an e-commerce site with items still in their virtual cart. They might be comparison shopping, researching for the future, ran out of time or maybe they’re just deciding whether to click the “buy” button.

Ignoring those full carts is a huge mistake as a business owner. It’s relatively simple to create a series of abandoned cart emails to gently remind prospects of your existence, and by keeping your brand front and center – without being obnoxious.

Sleeknote offers some helpful tips on getting those prospects to read an abandoned cart email and to act positively from it. It all starts with a great email subject line.

Be cautious when crafting a subject line to avoid being automatically sent to spam. Words like “free,” “get” and “now” will all but ensure your emails do not get seen.

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