Neil Patel has published 4,785 posts in four years. That’s like 23 posts per week. And he wishes he never did it.

In his post “Less is More: Why I Wish I Never Wrote 4,784 Blog Posts,” Neil Patel breaks down his 4,000+ posts and the analytics behind them.

What Neil discovered is that more content doesn’t necessarily mean more traffic. In fact, more than half of his content gets very few visits.

And, while he does state he loves blogging and won’t stop writing, he wishes he had adjusted his strategy long ago. Instead of simply writing posts and translating posts (or paying people to translate them), he would have looked more closely at his top performing posts as well as competitors’ top pages and keywords to create traffic-driving content better tailored to user search queries.

Looking at the content people and search engines love allows you to write smarter, not more.

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