The new decade is days away but there’s still time to plan your 2020 marketing — before the bubbly begins to flow. The year 2020 is apropos: we encourage you to use your rear view 20/20 vision to analyze existing efforts and to inform new ones. Here are six ways to do so. Happy New Year!

Ye shall find

If you see month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter business fluctuations that you can’t explain, one culprit might be your website rankings. If you don’t regularly audit and perform the right search engine optimization (SEO) tasks, resolve to do so in 2020. Trust us, it’s a smart move. AZ Big Media offers some solid reasoning for utilizing the skills of someone who knows SEO very well:

  1. SEO improves your site’s performance: Aside from death and taxes, one other certainty is changes in the way Google looks at your website. An SEO expert looks at your site as a whole and digs down to find ways to improve your pages’ organic rankings.
  2. SEO experts never stop learning: You may have taken an online course on the basics of SEO – which is great – but as mentioned above, the way sites are ranked by search engines (not just Google) change dozens of times a year, typically. An SEO expert worth their salt stays on top of these updates and looks for ways to boost your site’s organic performance.
  3. SEO experts help you reach your goals: You have lofty ideas on how your site should be performing, and an SEO expert can look at your goals and create a plan to achieve them. The process may take some time, but it’s better than sitting back hoping your site will magically improve itself. 

Can you stick to these?

There are a handful of days left this year to make your list of marketing resolutions – you know, before you begin celebrating on the 31st. Thankfully, Business 2 Community has hooked us up with a list of resolutions to kick off the new decade:

Keep current on privacy regulations: One way to ensure your customers and prospects trust your offerings is by maintaining compliance with privacy regulations. If you aren’t sure if your site is current, don’t dawdle in 2020.

Testing time: It’s gonna be a new year – decade even – so don’t continue to rely on JUST your top-performing email content. It’s time to test the waters to see what other concepts can boost consumer interest in your products and/or services. What you might discover is that these new ideas can be used to promote your existing content.

Get to know ‘em: Today, we have a lot of behavioral data available about our customers and would-be customers. Knowing how to analyze and utilize that data will help you kick off 2020 like a boss. Consumers appreciate and respond positively to content that looks and feels like it was just for them.

Email robot

Email upgrade

Is your email service provider (ESP) still delivering the results you need? We’ve seen several ESPs morph into full marketing solutions while others have not evolved their offerings with the times. It may be time to consider an automated email solution.

Business 2 Community provides some solid information as to why you’re ready for an upgrade. Aligning your sales and marketing teams is a smart move for a variety of reasons, which happens when you blend your multi-channel marketing campaigns to one platform via a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Having your marketing and sales teams on the same playing field is important, as your marketing team can take leads that require nurturing and add them into an automated workflow. And, the leads that don’t require nurturing filter right to your sales team.

Increasing conversions

Pay-per-click advertising is an effective – though not necessarily inexpensive – way to increase your lead conversion rate for e-commerce.

MarTechSeries posted a recent article with some strategies for approaching PPC wisely:

Keywords: You can optimize PPC by providing high-performing keywords that customers already seek. Consider blending your best keyword groups with your branded phrasing, product names or product codes.

AI with PPC: Yes, artificial intelligence tactics are already available for PPC, and automated bidding through Google Ads may deliver more traffic to your online store. Just be smart about budgeting.

Substance: A flashy PPC ad doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. PPC can generate attention but your content is what really sells products and services. Make sure you are providing content that has value, is user-friendly, on-brand and easy on the eyes.

pay per click
Old Faithful

Dust off the old faithful

Generating and nurturing new leads is an expensive and time-consuming process. What’s wrong with your existing customers?

Sure, we’d all love more customers, but it’s foolish to ignore your existing database. There may be lots of contacts in there that temporarily forgot you existed but would be happy to hear from you.

Inman reminds us in a new piece that our database is chock full of opportunities.

Consider the beginning of a new decade to reach out with some customized content relevant to those who have already made purchases with you. Despite articles to the contrary, email is going to stay a viable outlet for reaching old and new customers as we enter 2020.

Visit down the hall

Everyone at your company has some great ideas that can be used for content production. Likely, they will provide some nuggets of wisdom that will assist prospects throughout all stages of the sales process.

Search Engine Journal encourages us to look outside our own office to find dynamic content concepts:

  1. Employees at small businesses know more than you think. If you have a company of fewer than 10 people, each person has assisted in customer service in one way or another. Inquire with everyone about their customer interactions to discover what people are really looking for from your business.
  2.  Merge all these voices into one coherent one. All the ideas and feedback from different departments is great, but your customers will appreciate all messaging delivered in a singular, refined voice that reflects your company’s standards and branding.
  3. Be open-minded on content. Different departments may have ideas that surprise you as far as what content works, but don’t disregard those concepts out of hand. For example, how-to videos may have never crossed your mind, but your customers might be more compelled to watch and dig deeper into your site once you begin utilizing them.

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