Full tilt shopping is officially upon us! And, since it is the season of giving, we found some holiday marketing tips we’d like to share.

Website optimization continues to be an important theme in online marketing. Whether or not you sell through your website, page load time is crucial to your website’s success. Why? Well, for one, a 2015 report by Radware states that, “57 percent of consumers will abandon a site that fails to load after 3 seconds.” If you can’t give consumers what they want, and at the precise moment they want it, they’ll find another business that can.

And remember, not all customers should be treated equally when it comes to your marketing. Jerry Jao, CEO of retention marketing firm Retention Science suggests focusing on brand-loyal repeat customers for best results.

 For additional holiday marketing tips to help you stay competitive, read the full article Nicole Fallon Taylor in Business News.

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