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Why Invest in Marketing

Marketing is much like fitness. You must attend to it on a regular basis for gains to occur.

It must become a part of your business lifestyle in order for long-term consistency to take root. And certainly you need to do something different if you are going to change your position in the market.

Stats show email marketing vital to your business

If you’re looking at spending a little more marketing money for the holiday season or budgeting for 2022, know that every dollar you spend on email marketing has a return on investment of $36. Email marketing remains an economical and effective tactic for all...

Marketing discovery to content strategy

​Just as online research leads to discovery of content (i.e. new streaming shows to binge), the marketing discovery process generally leads us to a content strategy for clients. The Savoir Faire marketing discovery process generates deep knowledge about a company,...

Owning your business website is essential

​Stick 'em up! Some small- and medium-sized businesses get held hostage by third-party partners or former team members when they allow outsiders to “own” their websites and other digital business assets. This might be our #1 pet peeve at Savoir Faire because it’s...

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