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Why Invest in Marketing

Marketing is much like fitness. You must attend to it on a regular basis for gains to occur.

It must become a part of your business lifestyle in order for long-term consistency to take root. And certainly you need to do something different if you are going to change your position in the market.

Your customers shop in micro moments

​Many of us relate to Freddie Mercury when he sings, “I want it all, and I want it now!” We’re now an instant gratification society and we expect to get whatever we want right away. Your customers have a lot of “I want” thoughts every day and these are called micro...

Check out our ultimate guide to website planning

Companies determining how to plan a website should take note of our new page, The Ultimate Guide to Website Planning and Maintenance. We recommend taking great care when website planning as your site and its content are going to inform Google about your areas of...

Why you need a professional headshot for LinkedIn

I’m surprised to see so many of my connections without professional headshots for LinkedIn. This is the primary “professional” social media channel, and there’s no type of business where it makes sense to use a selfie as your profile photo.  This is the first...

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