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Why Invest in Marketing

Marketing is much like fitness. You must attend to it on a regular basis for gains to occur.

It must become a part of your business lifestyle in order for long-term consistency to take root. And certainly you need to do something different if you are going to change your position in the market.

WordPress plugins are not one size fits all

There are a few website content management systems (CMS) with great staying power: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These systems evolved and changed over the years as users adopted them, tested them and pushed them to their limits. As users’ needs changed, the...

What is your digital transformation strategy?

Have you noticed a digital transformation happening all around? You see it every day: on your cell phone, the displays and functions of your car, on your TV and in the smart bulb you put in a light fixture. Digital advances are popping into most other things, too....

What is it like to intern at Savoir Faire?

Hello Savoir Faire friends!  My name is Lilly. I am a senior at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester studying Advertising and Public Relations, and Savoir Faire’s second-ever intern.  In the Fall semester of my senior year at UNH-M Stephanie was a guest...

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